How to Get Away With Eating Pomegranate Juice at Work

A new report by the non-profit Food Not Bombs says the popular fruit juice cocktail is a recipe for trouble for workers and employees alike.

It says the drink contains too much sugar and that the company should have more control over how much juice is in the drinks and whether or not workers are given free samples.

The report, titled A New York Times Book Review of the Year: A New Yorker’s Look at the World of Food and Drink, says in the report:We don’t need to know whether or to whom we serve these beverages.

The company should be able to determine if it wants to share its recipes with the public or not.

And that means they shouldn’t be able take it upon themselves to decide if it’s a good idea to share their recipe with the world.

As the report points out, the company is also responsible for the ingredients used in the beverage.

The report also notes that the drinks are usually filled with processed food and can be a poor source of calcium, which can lead to osteoporosis.

“In short, Pomegrene is a product of corporate greed,” the report says.

“It is bad for workers, for the environment, for consumers, and for our economy.”

According to the report, Pemmican is made up of about 5 million gallons of juice, about 15% of the company’s total volume.

The company has not responded to NPR’s requests for comment.