How to improve your gut health with a low-purine diet

Healthy diets are not just about eating fewer calories but also about avoiding the harmful effects of sugar, salt and gluten.

To ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your diet, here’s how to keep your gut healthy.

Potato: Eat a potato every day to get your body in a state of optimum health.

If you can tolerate it, eat a few times a week, especially if you are on a low sugar, low salt diet.

Avoid foods with added sugars.

Eating foods with sugars or starch is not a healthy way to build a strong gut.

Eat a healthy plant-based diet.

Vegans are the healthiest people on earth, but some of us can’t eat enough protein and vitamins to keep us healthy.

If that’s you, try one of the following plant-derived diets: Vegans tend to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and legumes, with a diet that includes beans, lentils, lentil and other beans and lentils as a staple, which are also rich in protein.

A vegetarian diet can be more nutritionally balanced, but it’s not necessarily healthier.

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Paleo: Eating meat, fish and poultry is not healthy for your body.

It’s a low protein, low fat diet that is low in meat, dairy and eggs.

Vegers should avoid meat, and if you’re a vegan, consider switching to a more plant-rich diet.

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Vegan: Eating a vegan diet is good for your health.

It contains no animal products and contains plenty of vegetables.

Vegis can be a good option for those on a diet, as their diet is low on meat, eggs and dairy products.

Vegs tend to have more fat and calories than vegans, so it’s important to choose a healthy vegan diet that’s low in sugar and fat.

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