Why we hate the new Teen Mom OG series’ first episode, by Katie McGrath

A new Teen Pedia series will hit TV screens this month.

In a nod to its predecessors, the site has partnered with MTV News to provide a series of articles detailing the emotional struggles of teens and parents, as well as what they’ve learned about healthy eating and how to be parents.

The first installment, “Eating Out of Bounds,” explores a teen’s newfound love of food, the joys of a healthy relationship, and the challenges of having a healthy, healthy life.

It will also look at the latest trends in food and parenting.

The show will debut on MTV.com at 10 a.m.

ET on Tuesday, March 10.

In addition to a special Teen Mom Facebook Live, the series will also be available on MTV News, MTV.tv and MTV.org, as it will be shared via Twitter and Instagram.

The new series will be posted weekly on MTV’s blog.

For more information on the series, go to teenmoms.tv.