SANTAN CLAIM: “I am not saying this is what’s best for me, but it works for me.” 

She has been on a diet for years and she says she is not on it for the weight loss, but the weight control. 

“I do believe it helps with my weight, but I am not on that diet for the reasons that others have.”

It works, but you don’t want to do it on a strict diet,” she said. 

She said she had gone on the diet three times before her heart attack. 

Santana says she was on the Atkins diet, and she said that had the weight-loss effects and reduced her cholesterol. 

A recent study showed that the Atkins Diet has the same effect on heart disease risk factors, and that it can be combined with a weight-management plan. 

I’m not saying the Atkins is what I should be doing.

But it works, she said, adding that she would do it again if given the chance. 

However, she says the diet was not easy. 

Her weight has gone up from 135 pounds to 160 pounds since she started the diet. 

Atkins Diet for a Weight Loss Success story from 2010: